Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Garbage disposals are an electrical powered device installed under the sink. Its purpose is to shred food waste into small enough pieces to pass through a plumbing system. Garbage disposals are very important to a home as well as the environment because it means less waste in landfills to create harmful methane gas. Right now a little less than half of America utilizes a garbage disposal.

Thinking about installing a disposal or in need of garbage disposal repair? Our skilled plumbing technicians are knowledgeable when it comes to disposals and can help you with either task.

What to do if Your Garbage Disposal Stops Working

If your garbage disposal suddenly stops working it may simply be that there is a broken electrical connection or it has overheated. Take these steps before calling us to see if it solves the problem:

  • Turn the switch for the disposer off.
  • Make sure the appliance is plugged securely in the outlet.
  • While keeping the switch off, press the reset switch located on the front or bottom of the garbage disposal.
  • Restart the disposal by turning on the power switch.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning & Maintenance

DisposalGarbage disposals can create odors, and the blades need to stay sharp. Follow these simple rules to keep your garbage disposal like new.

  • Grind ice cubes in the disposal to maintain blade sharpness.
  • For odor, grind lemons or oranges, and remember your BioBen monthly.
  • While the disposal is running, pour some liquid dish detergent into it.
  • Always rinse remaining debris away with cold water.

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