How to Prevent Freezing Water Pipes during the Winter

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How to Prevent Freezing Water Pipes during the Winter

During the colder months, homeowners often worry about their water pipes freezing. When pipes freeze, it can cause a number of expensive issues.  Some pipes in your home are more likely to freeze than others. These include plumbing pipes on the outside of the home, pipes located inside exterior walls and exposed pipes in unheated areas of the home. By taking preventative measures, you can prevent your pipes from freezing and avoid the costly damage that comes along with them.

–    If you have a pump house located outside your home, it is a good idea to put a heated reflector lamp in the pump house to provide heat so your pipes don’t freeze.

–    You should make sure you insulate your pipes well. You can purchase inexpensive foam pipe insulation from the local hardware store.

–    If you are traveling for an extended period of time during the winter months, ask a friend or family member to periodically check on your home to make sure your pipes haven’t burst.

–    If it is extremely cold outside, keep a couple of faucets running at a slow drip. Constant water running through the pipes should keep them from freezing.

–    If your kitchen sink is located on an exterior wall, make sure you leave the cabinet doors open to allow the warm air in your home to flow inside the cabinets.

If you feel a bit intimidated by these do-it-yourself methods to keep your pipes from freezing and possibly bursting, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We are happy to help you make sure your home is protected from freezing pipes during the cold winter months. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a full service plumbing company serving Springfield, Missouri and surrounding areas.

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