Choosing a Sink for Your Springfield, MO Home

SinkOur bathroom and kitchen sinks are very important to our everyday lives. Our kitchen sink provides a place for washing and drying dishes as well as a place to dispose of food waste. Our bathroom sink is a place where we clean and prepare for the day. It is important for many people to have a sink that fits their personal style as well as their needs.

There are many types of sinks to choose from, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Springfield has plumbing technicians that can help install them all. Some of the most popular types of sinks include:

  • Stainless Steel: These are used most often in the kitchen or for commercial applications. These are easy to clean as well as durable.
  • Enamel & Ceramic: These are often choices when remodeling a home because they are very durable but are also available in numerous colors and shapes.
  • Plastic: These deep, free-standing sinks are most common in laundry rooms. While inexpensive, they are very vulnerable to temperature changes as well as impacts. However, they are generally simple and affordable to repair.
  • Stone: Sinks have been made from stone for hundreds of years. Marble and granite are often popular types found in both modern kitchens and bathrooms to match counter tops and decor.
  • Glass, Copper, Concrete, and Terrazzo: These sinks are simply used for their versatility. If you are designing a whole new kitchen or bathroom, these can be good options simply because they can come in all shapes and colors.

If you are in need of sink installation or repair, our plumbing contractors are always happy to help. We can provide our opinion and information on what sinks are best in your home according to size and personal needs. We also repair all types and sizes of sinks.

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