Water Filtration for Homes in Springfield, MO

Is your water safe? The answer to this question may surprise you. Many people believe that their water is relatively clean and safe, but this is just not the case. The water you drink, shower with, and cook with can be full of harmful chemicals and particles, many of which might not be caught by a simple faucet filter. Even if your faucet filter does catch these particles, a large amount of the water is absorbed through the skin, meaning we are absorbing chlorine, rust, and lead in shower and bath water.

The only way to be sure that your water will be safe for your family is a whole-house water softener filtration system install. This water softener installation creates a process that filters and cleans all water before it’s used. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we specialize in water softener installation to ensure your household’s water is clean and safe.

Lindsay Springs Water Softener Can Solve Hard Water Issues

Hard water is another concern that homeowners may have. Hard water can damage your dishes, as well as dry out your skin. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers the Lindsay Springs Water Softener or Conditioner systems. Lindsay Springs Rarifer or Sanitizer system softens your water. Softening your water can have many benefits including:

  • Shinier, softer hair
  • Softer skin
  • Brighter/softer clothes
  • Spot-free dishes
  • Prolonged life of plumbing systems and appliances

When you are ready for your home’s water softener installation, contact the punctual plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Springfield. Call: 417-823-8400.